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Saturday, January 03, 2009

I had set some plans for 2009.I hoped..no, I must make them come true.Went m'sia with BJ they all.
Looking at them just simply made me miss ward 7.
Days where I take away food with anna,
days where I talk craps with pei pei,
days I used to call people pervert, innocent girl...
lots of stuffs.
15 January...the day which I will be decide to stay in DEM by DEM sister.
If I will be choose to stay, I don't mind...since I think I will alot from DEM.
If I am not staying, it maybe embrassing; but at least I give it a try.
Once, a lecturer said this,
"It is actually not a bad thing to repeat.If I let you just pass, you will stay at the just pass standard.But when you actually went for the second try, you can see that you will perform better and more confident of the skill."
This is really encouraging.I always repeat deep in my heart when I feel bad about my skill.
My x'mas gift from my old pig.
It is a gift that betrayed our innocent hearts whereby we lied to the salespersonShopping on christmas eve with my old pig.I am glad that he wasn't seem to be bore that day.He told me he had enough sleep at the library while waiting for my massage session to finish.Met up with joo and Kat after x'mas. Loves her polaroid due to the instant shoot.I want to get a digital camera too!But let's wait for IT fair.
Wondering why only my old pig's face and mine appear?
Well, this has to be answer by joo.
Watched Yes man afterward.Not bad...
Met up with ms che yesterday.Watched australia..reallly touching.Ms che used up her tissue that she borrowed some from me.And she is so beautiful in the movie.
And I went to make hole on my belly again after ward 7 party.
This time round it hurts because they tried to find my hole using a sharp steel instead of pierce. And I only paid for the price of stud.
Watched Ip Man.Sound effect was great...make me "ouch" here and there.

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