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Monday, March 16, 2009

So many photos that actually stopped from updating...
Anyway, uploaded them in multiply.
Let's me start from OCBC marathron.
Anyway, how come I still haven't got money from OCBC?The morning crew from main first aid point.And poor ismail had to be a on-call runner.Staffs from DEM except the most famous "high" person.
Next is the pink party!
Jin long actually came in pink to matches the theme.And our long time no see----MR daniel goh.I didn't take any beers at all...I have become a good girl, only drink jolly shandy lychee or peach.
There's too many to say about taipei's trip.Look at the photos to conclude yourself.By the way, taiwan also has facebook!
And my boyfriend treat me aijisen since he described my taipei's trip as a vegetable that has been hacked(被砍菜头).And I bought him xiao xin's favourite.
That heartless eddy jiemei said it's a waste of money to buy cake for him!He finally got his armani belt.From taipei,xi men ding, I meant his shirt...but made in korea.
IT fair drew a crowd of people.Ms glutton nearly suffocated due to this.Introducing----cam cam!As a appreciation for his accompany.Must be secretly laughing at those people squeezing to enter to IT fair.Edited using cam cam.Random took by cam cam.And bro bought a new lappy.
A stupid pose to show that he waited for me until he went berserk.Missed out paris so ended up in shanghai.Tang dian wang.

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