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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I cut away my hair so that it won't tangle when I take pat pat's bike home.

Friend #1
Hey sha sha de,
dun too upset.
U always have me ok.
I will nv leave u.
Although i may not be always there beside u, u always in my heart n i always in ur heart.
So dun feel alone. Dun worry, u will find ur mr right.

life is great!
sun is going to be bright!
life is going towards the light!

and you will see the light, if you set it in front of you! :)

Friend #3
Just leave everything aside.
If he really loves you, he will contact you.
Sleep after you finished crying.

Friend #4
Don't call him anymore.
You guys just met at the wrong timing.
Don't believe too much in what guys say.
And you cannot give in all times.
Go home, study, then sleep.

Maybe he is just too lonely inside.So he texted such messages to you.
When he's outside, he won't feel like that.
If he really loves you, he won't do all this if he knows it gonna hurt you.
For such person, just forget him and get a life.

Babe! Hang in there, Brace up to a better life though I know it's gonna be tough. Let's meet soon! Don't wallow in self pity. You have my shoulders =)

sad story??? u dun look sad lor... dun be sad wor...
btw ur not suppose to be... u are miss Joy lei... Joy=Happy

I will lead a happy life...that's my motto of my life.
Anyway, I am not lacking of suitors either xp
Pain is what you bought to me; I will forgive but never forget what you did.

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