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Monday, February 02, 2009

Hi, this is DJ JOY...
Oh, it's just a introduction to my new entry.
Anyway, went to Kingley's birthday party yesterday.
Felt uneasy due to so many unfamiliar faces...familiar faces also not that close like bread and butter.
But most importantly, birthday boy enjoyed himself is the top priority.
And I realized people do know me even I am low profile.
Thanks 姐妹 for 疼疼!
And today...bus break down when I go to work today.
Took the 3rd bus...though bus ride is free but still think the bus service should improve.
Luckily, this is a nearly incident.
Work is sometimes so challenging...
Take for example yesterday...there are 3 resus /standby case!
just when I was so happy that the afternoon staffs is coming to take over,
another stand-by case!
And I had been sending patients for CT scan...kinda like CT scan porter.
The most interesting part is that one of the patient actually had lot of secretion and had to do suctioning.
It may sound a bit simple but it is never expected to do suction in X-ray department in my nursing life.
After work, I did my usual style- went to meet my zhu boyfriend.And I was welcomed by Kelly when I reached his house.
It is amazing that kelly baby still remember me.
She has a haircut and she looked so cute with her hair being tight up.I got varicose veins as seen above.Boyfriend's artwork.
I really hope the government will look into the welfare of health care worker.
Got to go and get some cream to remove them.

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